Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Made Tank Man

We have decided to break nearly 20 years of silence. Two decades ago Ms. Groovy Jones and I were conducting research in Beijing on the relationship of "random behaviors" and "rigid societies." One of our subjects, whose name we are yet keeping private, was hypnotized and instructed to see the first large vehicle he came across as a taxi and hail it. We intended to document the response of the driver. We had anticipated that the subject would attempt to stop a large truck. Obviously our programming was defective, and the subsequent behavior of our subject has been the result of a generation of discussion. The fault lies entirely at the tiny, well-pedicured feet of Ms. Jones who was relatively inexperienced at subtle, subliminal suggestion, her gifts tending toward the much more obvious and vulgar.

In any event, the iconic "lone rebel" of Tiananmen Square wasn't. The record must be settled.

In other news, the People's Republic of China has recently extended an invitation to Ms. Jones and me to study the effects of "creeping democracy and social media" in that marvelous land, guests of the government. We are delighted by this unexpected and generous offer by the PRC.

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