Friday, November 12, 2010

Google - Purveyor of Terrorist Imagery

We will not be silenced.

It has come to our attention at Atricus Industries that Google, the internet search engine monopoly, has recently been accused of cryptoterrorism. Although our plates are full here at A.I., we are also true patriots, and therefore determined to press our considerable resources to either confirming or debunking this accusation. Exhibit One: Google's logo from yesterday, Veteran's Day, 2010.

The state of the current debate centers around the protrusion of the letter E from the U.S. flag as well as the glow behind the flag. The "E" is supposed to represent the Muslim Crescent, and the glow, some sort of anti-American conflagration.

We decided to process the image through our Atricusian algorithms (patents pending) which (omitting certain sensitive details) incorporate the latest in subatomic crytographic rotation scans and trifurcating expanso-reductors, as well as compound dimensionality. For the interested layperson, we are able to pull out of the image those things that Google hoped would remain only perceptible subliminally. Exhibit Two: The Atricusian-enhanced image.

The evidence is overwhelming that Google is complicit with terrorism. We freely make this information available to the American public. You may contact our executive assistant, Miss Groovy Jones, at the listed electronic mail address in the sidebar to book us in speaking engagements on this or practically any matter. Our offering of this evidence has absolutely nothing to do with our sealed lawsuit against Google, although we are not indisposed to incorporating aspects of this complaint in a settlement.