Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speciesism and Open Mindedness

When Mavis was presented as a prom queen candidate, no one thought she stood a chance. It wasn't just that she stood at less than two feet high, or showed up in front of the student body wearing absolutely nothing.

Mavis is a pig.

The students at John Birch High School in Mayfair, Kentucky were reminded by Principal Wilbur Stolid that restricting candidacy for prom queen to girls, fellow students, or even human beings was a sign of sickness and close-mindedness. "We are living in an age in which intolerance in any form must be rooted out and destroyed," he thundered.

A small group of dissenting students was promptly subdued by the majority of the student body. Injuries to the dissenting students consisted of a few broken bones and a destroyed wheelchair. Class President Charla Dickson noted that "the First Amendment doesn't include the right to be wrong at school."

Let's hope that this open-mindedness continues to spread like a tsunami of enlightenment across the land.

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