Friday, May 29, 2009

Champion of Women's Rights

We have been invited to speak again at a graduating class for a small, elite women's institution. When we address the Tuscaloosa Beauty School tonight, we shall recount our involvement in the liberation of women - perhaps these very girls' mothers - back in the late sixties. God, I personally liberated as many women as I could get my hands on.

It is all the more mysterious that my personal and research assistant, Groovy Jones, keeps hassling me for some sort of uncomfortable change to our long-term, casual, liberating relationship. Why any woman would want to be enslaved with a ring and a piece of paper is beyond me.

In any event, let us all reflect today on the great gains women have made, and in our participation in those gains. We can hardly wait to make the acquaintance of yet more intelligent and independent young women tonight at the "meet and greet" (and drink) subsequent to the graduation ceremony. To women's lib, and to meeting more liberated women!

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