Friday, January 29, 2010

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

If it's one thing we preach here at Atricus Industries it's efficiency. This is why I insist my assistant, Miss Groovy Jones, take her lunch at her desk. She protests, but wasted time is wasted money.

With this guiding philosophy in mind, we have submitted to the Congress of the United States our request for a mere few dozen billion dollars of the "stimulus" money to initiate a program that solves at the same time the problems of (1) renewable power and (2) global warming. Our proposed project will provide the Earth with 24-hour a day solar power while simultaneously acting as an umbrella, mitigating the effects of human-caused climate change.

One of the problems with solar power is that the panels spend much of the time in the dark. Our proposed 160 million square km solar panel array will generate life-giving power continuously. With this protective shield in place, we will no longer have complaints about "global warming." Electricity generated by the new system will inexpensively light the thereafter eternally dark Earth. It was Abraham Lincoln* who said that "if it were night all the time, the people of the earth - all of the colors of the rainbow - would no longer war, but make love ceaselessly." Peace, then, may be the greatest dividend of all resulting from this investment in the SolarBrella.

* We're unsure of the Lincoln citation, but it was either him or another person.


  1. Of course, if we're making love ceaselessly, then we'll have a population problem. Does the good Doctor have a response?

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